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TJ Bolt Dental Philosophy - Excellence in Dentistry

I believe that health is of infinite value. My mission is to provide Omaha excellence in dentistry in a low volume, private care environment, which is characterized by individual relationships between the members of my team and the patient. These relationships are built on trust, as well as shared goals and visions.

I believe that when given accurate information and the right support in a nurturing environment, people will make choices that have a positive effect on their dental health. Through exploring the needs and wants of the patient, I help to set goals for a lifetime plan. This lifetime plan cultivates an interdependent relationship, by which the patient assumes responsibility for his own health.

"It is more noble to give of yourself completely for one individual, than to slave diligently for the masses". —Dag Hammerschold

My Logo Stands for the Philosophy of Complete Dental Health

TJ Bolt DDS Complete Dental Health PhilosophyIt is looking to the cause of dental problems rather than simply treating only the disease. The three points of the pyramid stand for: body, mind, and spirit. There must be a relationship created that takes into account the whole person when helping people become healthy.

My commitment is to help each patient need the least amount of dental care over their lifetime. With this philosophy, I can help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself pertaining to your health —being future-focused, you can prevent disease from happening and take control of your health instead of leaving it up to fate or luck. By entering into a coaching relationship with you, I can help you to become as healthy as you would like to be.

TJ Bolt Dentistry in Omaha, NE focuses on patient health and not just dental treatment. We describe how we focus on the patient first. 
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