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All patients receive a comprehensive examination. Based on the results, we work with them on a proper diagnosis and treatment plan and review the findings with the patients. I see one patient at a time in a very private and quiet atmosphere. I work on the fact that the mouth is the pathway to the rest of the body, as well as the mouth is a chewing system. We focus on the cosmetic aspects as well as the way the teeth relate to the joints and chewing muscles. By approaching dentistry in this manner people not only look good, but they feel good and chew good, having the foundation to create a smile that lasts for a lifetime.

I focus on helping people to know what level of health they are in and then create options to repair problems if they are in need. The variety of symptoms that can lead to larger problems are:

We have many years of experience partnering with our patients to help restore them to health. Regular checkups and maintenance to cosmetic dentistry, implants or dentures...we provide comprehensive dental care to help you reach (and maintain) your goals.

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